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ARTS アートのお話

流れる水のように淀みなく 唄う♫ には…?

How… can we sing like clear flowing water?



子どもの頃から 適当な「はな唄」は得意っ♫

誰に聴かせるわけもなく 上手いも下手も問わず… 唯 口ずさむ

幼児期の氣ままな延長線上に 今もいる

Since the childhood, I am good at “humming” for fun.

Not minding others, nor the skills and abilities… just I tweet.

At this point, I’m still in the pure state of infancy♫


それが最近 ちょっとずつ大胆になっている♫


Though recently, I’m getting more fearless.

I can sing with enthusiasm♫


音楽的にどうかは別にして 笑っ

身体が唄いたいように 開放できるようになった

ほぼ完全なる創作だが 想い(氣)が

楽に 声(身体)にのる♫

Forgetting the musical correctness,

I just concentrate on opening up to sing. 

Almost all my tunes are composed just at that time.

But, I trust my body (voice). It can carry my soul (wishes) out.


喉の締めつけや緊張もなく 自由で氣持ちいい♫

It’s so refreshing♫ totally free from any tension, even in the throat.




途中 人生のあれこれと共に 上手さを求め

恥を恐れ 閉じた歌ごえだった

Not I’ve been like this all the time.

In the past, sometimes I lowered the voice.

I demanded the beauty and was afraid of the shame.


小学のとき 誘われるがままに「第九」をドイツ語で習い

発表の本番初めて聴いた 長い前楽章で眠った…

友達に膝を突かれたときには すでに

唄いたくて唄ったか 歌わされたのか 疑問だ

When I was a schoolchild, I invited to learn ‘No.9’ in German.

On the concert day, I fell asleep in the long previous movements, 

which I listened to for the first time.


Was I pleased to sing or unwilling,

when my friend nudged me at the knee? I’m not sure now. 


合唱のメゾソプラノで 上下の音に引っ張られ

歌の上手い友をうらやみ それなりの努力だけで 嘆息した

Taking a part of mezzo soprano in a school chorus,

I was completely lost between the high and low pitches.

I envied my friend’s perfect voice

and sighed over poor mine after a few trials.



芸術肌に指導され 逃げ出したくなった 笑っ

Older, I received a lesson in Karaoke at drink!!

by a self styled artist. Phew… yes, I wanted to leave immediately.




外からこしらえられた状況では どうも唄えない

I couldn’t love singing in any situations, set by outer wills.


それが 表現アートセラピーのトレーニングで森に籠ったとき

パツンッと戒めが解かれた 唄おう♫

唄おう♫ 喉を開いて肚から ようよう唄いたかった♫

すぐには馴れず つっかえつつも 確実に唄は流れ出した

淀みを払い 唄うほどに自由になっていく

One day, I placed myself in a forest retreat

for a week-long Expressive Arts Therapy training course.

There, the burdens in my soul were suddenly blown away!!

and I desired to sing♫ sing… and sing♫

I tried to release the air freely from the gut, through the throat.

It wasn’t easy from the beginning, but my voice started to flow in nature.

Even when it’s partially blocked, it never stops anymore.

As singing, I’ve been losing hesitation and gaining more myself.   



It’s pleasant♫




自由に 唄っていますか?

一緒に 自由になりませんか?

Do you love singing?

Why don’t you get freer, with us?


唄を含む、表現アート・ワークショップのお知らせは こちら

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