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ACTION: 創造には行動

ARTS アートのお話

想いのままに とりあえず色を作る

絵にはならずとも 切り貼りしてコラージュに♫

I just followed my heart and made colours.

Nothing was figured out, but by cut & paste, we did collages♫ 


ヒトは 想像する生きもの

We are imaginative creatures.



その想いが行動を伴うと 創造になる

“How about this way” “And, this idea?”

When an idea is developed to real, it turns a creation.      


赤ちゃんは動く 動く♫ ヒトは 創造的だ

Babies move, move to prove the idea♫

We’re born creative!


時にどうしようもなく 暴れる* 

破壊的な行為も 創造の一部

Sometimes we can’t stop the heart to act violently*.

A destructive approach can be positive in creative work.





For certain, this must NOT hurt yourself nor anybody.

So, keep your “conscience”,

which sows the good seed in your imagination.

The action based on it, as the result, gathers virtue.



動き回ったら 小休止

そこからまた 何かが立ち上がってくる

In a break after moving wild,

some drastic idea yet pops out.




そしたら 壊してもい


決して 無駄はない

Failure naturally occurs.

Then, it’s OK to leave the idea.

Even when you need to remake all, 

there’s no need to regret any previous matters.


やってみることだ そして学ぶ

All are in process of life. Try all and learn.


とにかく 想いをカタチに

それは 自分の想いを汲むことだから♡

赤ちゃんは ヒトが生きる手本だ

Shape ideas into real.

By action, you get close to the soul more♡

Babies are the model of all living souls.