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LIFE 日々想うこと


本氣の説得は ひとを動かす

Not just on your tongue, but from the gut,

announce your dream. It moves others.


それには 自分がまず動くことだ

For this, move yourself first. 



長く病床に臥したあと イギリス留学を決める

After being sick in bed for months,

I decided to study in the UK.



演劇を学びに 本場に行きたかった

Whatever had expected me there,

I just wanted to stay in the home of theatre

and learn it. 


試しに受けた英語のテスト 目標点には全く届かなかった

The first English trial was a disaster, far from the target.


それでも あきらめる選択肢はなかった

Though, I never imagined to give up the dream.


その日から毎日 英語漬けになりながら

British Councilで情報を集め 大学とやりとりし

学費と生活費を算出し どう切り詰めたらいいか考え

それでも 歌舞伎や能 シェイクスピアに現代劇まで 鑑賞し

着実に 渡英へと心身を整えていった

Since that day, I swotted on English everyday.

Also, I collected information at British Council,

made contact with universities,

calculated school and living expenses

and thought how to squeeze money for them.

Meanwhile, I watched the stages

of Kabuki, Noh, Shakespearean and modern dramas.

Thus, steadily, I got my mind and body ready for the UK.



両親に打ち明けたとき 止められる理由がなかった

When I told the plan to my parents,

there was no reason to stop me any more.


そしてありがたいことに 両親は

心配はあっても 止めるつもりもなかった

Thankfully, my parents had no intention of doing so.



“You can do whatever you love.”



それでも 甘い戯言だけでは


Still, if I had underestimated all the matters,

they would frown at me.


当然だ It’s understandable. 





Child needs prove the “potential”,

how possible it is, in actual



by action.



そしてこの イギリスでの舞台経験こそが

今のわたしの 表現哲学の根底にある

And now, the stage experiences in the UK

have formed my philosophy in Expressive Arts.





I’ve made many mistakes too,

but all nourished me. 


しないとは 天地の差

Doing and not doing are so different

like heaven and earth. 




Be a convincer!