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CARE: ものの手入れ

LIFE 日々想うこと

そのものに触れ 汚れや傷みがないか確認し

あれば できるだけ元の状態へと 手をかけいたわる

きれいに整えたら そっと寝かせしまう

Touch it and check whether it’s not stained or hurt.

When you admit any, mend it as it was.

Then, tidy it and carefully let it laid in store.



だからと言って 雑に扱ってよし とは違う

朽ちるそのときまで 呼吸している氣がする

だから そっと話かけてしまう

Even though “things gonna be broken someday”,

this does not mean that you can treat them roughly.

Until they decay, they seem like breathing.

So, one sometimes finds oneself talking to them softly.


そうなって来ると もう「もの」の域を超える

身近な存在となり わたしの一部となる

At this stage, they are no longer “things”.

They become your friends, and even a part of you.



ものの扱いは その人柄が出る


Can you disregard this?

Your mind is seen in the way of treating things.

And, it’s applied to “people” too. 


まずは 今見えるものに

しばし触れてみて お手入れを♡

So first, touch and care

the things around you now.



こんな話を 友人とする

そこでハッとした彼は 即実践に移す


美しさに 驚く

We talked about this, with a friend.

He was embarrassed and decided to give it a go.

Next moment we were astonished

as if he was reborn beautifully in virtue.