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ARTS: わたしのアート

ARTS アートのお話

‘This is Me now!!’



We read what Dr. Hayao Kawai talked

on Sandplay Therapy.



“The purpose is not to make a piece

but to express one’s own.” 


言葉が響く This struck us.   



そう これが表現アート・ワークのポイント

Yes, this is the essential point

in Expressive Arts work.




We do it not “to become an artist (or somebody)”

but “to be more yourself”.




「自分でいる」健やかさを ぜひワークショップで♡→ こちら   

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「生きることはすごいこと」by 安野光雅&河合隼雄

‘Good Enough Just to Live!’

by Mitsumasa Anno (Visual Artist) & Hayao Kawai