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CREATIVITY: クリエイティブとは

ARTS アートのお話

心おどる バードウォッチング♫

受け身のようで 鳥達を観察するために


Our hearts leap at bird watching♫

It seems passive involvement but in actual, turns

a very creative time as observing birds.


「アートをする」ことが creativeなのではない

“Doing arts” is not enough to be creative.


アートをしていても 惰性なら



情熱を持って あれこれ望んでいるなら

それは十分 creativeだ

Even doing arts, if from force of habit,

cannot make you creative.

Instead, even not arts, anything can be so enough

when it’s done to the full extent

with passion.



肌感だが creativeとは満ちている

それでいて creativeとは挑戦している

不安があっても creativeとは「生きている」実感を伴う


From our experiences, we know

being creative raises a sense of fulfillment.

At the same time, we are still challenging as creative.

Not only anxiety, but being creative is accompanied

with the real feeling of “being alive”.

Being creative pleases us.


そうでないなら creativeが欠けているのだろう

No sense of these is lack of being creative.


何かのために 動け


Act for a purpose.

We are creative by nature.