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FAREWELL: 祖父の見送り

ARTS アートのお話

先ごろ 祖父が亡くなった

Lately we lost our grandfather.


大好きな 大好きな 大好きな祖父だった

He was very very very precious to me.


わたしは休みのたびに 祖父母を訪ね

畑に川に山に… ずーっと祖父にくっついていた

わたしの居場所は 常に祖父の隣だった

Every holiday I visited the grandparents’

and followed him all the time

to the vegetable fields, river, mountains…

one could find me always beside him.


帰るときは 見えなくなるまで


On my return, he saw me off

until my vehicle gets out of his sight.


最後に逢ったときも 重い脚を引きずり杖をつきながら

わたし達を やさしく見送ってくれた

At the last time too, our grandpa saw us off with good grace

even dragging himself with a stick.



お葬式 やっと わたしが祖父を見送る

At his funeral, finally… I could see him off.



大往生だったので 悲しみはないが やっぱり寂しい

As he lived enough and passed away peacefully,

I don’t feel sorrow but miss him a lot.



旅立った祖父を想っていたら 「舟」ができた

(作品は 前回のブログをご覧ください→ こちら

往く祖父を 愛と感謝で包み 見送る♡

A “boat” appeared while feeling the departed grandpa.

(The craft is on the previous blog. → Click here.) 

I filled it with my love & gratitude to him

and rooted for his departure♡  


ありがとう 大好きなおじいちゃん♡

I love you, my beloved grandpa♡  




… やっぱり 逢いたいよ

でもきっと おじいちゃんは 


… Yet, I wanna see you, grandpa.

But I also believe

you’re always close to me.