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グループ活動の促進者であり 指導者ではない

ここに teacher(教師)との違いがある

Facilitator is… a promoter in group activity, not a leader.

Here is the difference from Teacher.



ある教師が facilitationに興味を持った

生徒の意見を引き出して ゼロから創り上げる表現活動

教師主導の作品とは違い 生徒が主体となる!!

予定だった… が どうも様子が違う…

A teacher had an interest in facilitation.

Opinions drawn out of her students were supposed to create

the whole of their expressive classwork.

It must be run by the students!!, not led by the teacher

in her plan… but actually… far from her vision. 


確かに 生徒が話し合っている 生徒が作品を築いている

先生の意図を汲みとり 先生の望むように… ???

子どもは おとなの顔色を観る…

Undoubtedly, the students discussed all the matters

and made a piece by themselves,

but for the teacher by sensing her intention… ???

Children read adults’ faces. 


Ummm… これでいいの?

これなら もうしっかり指導しては?

Ummm… is this what the teacher wanted?

Then, isn’t it better to lead the class on purpose?


そのほうが 子ども自身 自分の想いに氣づきやすい

嫌なら反発する 不快感を口にする 

そこで優秀な先生は 「どうしたいのか」代案を求める

こっちのほうが facilitationに近い氣がする…

It is, indeed, for students

as they can be aware of their own minds.

If they don’t like the teacher’s idea,

they refuse or at least complain about it.

For smart teachers, this is a chance to ask for alternatives.

This way is rather closer to facilitation…




Teachingを北風としても facilitationは太陽ではない!!

ここを 多くのひとは勘違いしてないだろうか?

Think of an Aesop’s tale ‘The North Wind and the Sun’…

Even when we regard teaching as The North Wind,

facilitation is never applied to the Sun!!

Aren’t many people misunderstanding this?



一見 北風よりやさしく




飼い殺している… 怖いっ!!

The above mentioned teacher is the Sun.

She was gentler than the North Wind

and apparently, esteemed the student’s thoughts…

but the truth is that…

she kept the nature of each student invalid

without realising it… Alas!!



教師は teachingのプロでいいと想う

その中にも 色いろな方法があるだろうし

生徒の意見を聴くことも できる!!

そこに 心が開いているか だ♡

Can’t teachers stay just as teaching pros?

Being so, they can still pursue their own style

and listen to the students’ voices!!

It’s whether they keep the ears open.


本氣で 子ども主体にしたら

そりゃあ 活動はぐちゃぐちゃになる 

色んな想いが 場に溢れて

そう簡単にまとまらない… 笑っ 

でも それが自然っ♫

When seriously, you let activity

in the hands of children, it turns chaos.

Filled with many passions,

it’s not settled easily… haha

Though in creation, this is a natural course♫


できるだけ長い試行錯誤し そこから集約する…

これこそが 子ども達の学びになる

As long as possible, let children in trial and error

and then, arrange their ideas in shape…

which gets their wisdom.



限られた時間でのfacilitationは 難しい

だから学校では なかなかうまくいかないのでは?

In a limited time, such facilitation is difficult.

So at school, it tends to fail.


だって ものすごいfacilitation力が必要だもの…

= Facilitator(おとな)の想いが どれだけ場に流れているか

観るちから そしてそれを 調整するちから

場はあくまで 子ども達(参加者)のものに… ♡ 

Because… it requires the large extent of facilitating arts.

= The facilitator (adult) observes carefully

how much her wishes flow in the space 

and adjusts it to involve the children (participants) in the responsibility.



大変だからこそ やりがいがある♫

Yet, as a facilitator,

this hardship is intriguing♫