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OPINION: おとなの意見


「寝る子は育つ」”One grows in sleep.” –

外からの刺激を 内で熟成させる時間が大事

The inner time that soaks up outer spurs

is really in need for children.


イギリスで 初めて「ディスカッション」の授業を受ける



その立場で 考えていく… 何回も何回も

自分の考えの幅を広げるコツを掴む とても貴重な経験だった

In the UK, I for the first time took a “discussion” class.

No matter what I was thinking!!

I was asked to be in either for or against shoe,

set by the teacher, again and again.

It was so worthy of experience.

I learned the rope how to widen my outlook.


自分の意見を持つのは 当然のこと

そしてそれを言うことは いい

Anybody deserves to have an opinion.

And, it’s allowed to speak it.


ただ 子どもに伝えるときは 氣をつける

どんなことでも 鵜呑みにするから

Though, we mind it when we talk to children.

Because… they swallow all we say.


子ども自身が考え 意見を述べられるよう


たくさんの選択肢を示す(… おとなとでもだけど) 

自分の意見と 逆のことも必ず語る

So, in our workshops, we demonstrate

many aspects of a matter (options) to them

(and… to adults too)

to draw their own conclusion.


それは 自分の「正しさ」を見直すことにもなる

そして 相手の想いを汲む助けにもなる

This gives us an opportunity

to reconsider “what we believe is right”

and guess other’s feelings. 


偏るほど 戦うことになる*

Leaning toward one side, you gonna into fight*.



知識に対しても 同じ

子どもが求めるときにだけ 学ぶヒントを渡そう

吸収がいいからと 詰め込むと


Similarly, you can treat knowledge.

When children want, show them only learning tips.

They absorb a lot, which doesn’t mean

you can fill all of their time with studies.

They need “pastime” to recover their wits alone.


ひとは本来 学ぼうとするもの

それができる環境づくりに 氣くばる

Our genes wish to learn.

We just need to keep the way




思春期に話し合える環境を 築いてほしい



それだけ「自分」が育ってきた 証拠だ

* Then, earnestly make a relation

in which you can still talk in their adolescence.

Their rebellious remarks prove

that they obtain “their own” in social dynamics. 



しっかりと聴き 子どもから学ぶ

As it’s further from your opinion, listen to it.

We can learn much from children.