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DISEASE: 病気が教えてくれること

AROMA アロマと健康


現れたメッセージは 「ひととのつながり」だった

In a workshop for the “future”,

we received a message “to make contacts”.  


病気には 意味がある

Disease has a purpose.


自分のでも ひとのでも

意味があって そこに発症する


For it, I believe, 

either my disease or other’s appears


病気になって 何を感じたか?

何を求めたか? 何を後悔し 何を誓ったか?

Being sick or having somebody so,

what do you feel… and

want, regret and promise yourself? 


わたしは 1回目の大病で特に


そして実生活からの解放を 喜んだ


のんびり 氣ままにいることを望んだ

一緒にいるのが当たり前だった 家族に

愛のない言葉をかけ ろくに話していなかったことを反省した

ちゃんとコミュニケーションをとろう と誓った

I, esp. at the first heavy disease, felt

the family’s love.

I was relieved to get away from life struggle.

Even with pain and boredom,

I wished myself calm and just myself.

I was remorseful that I had seldom talked to my parents,

and almost with unmerciful words.

I never imagined the day I might depart from them.



These are the foundations of my present work.


2回目は この身の弱さを知った



できるだけ安心させよう と誓った

後悔はないが 周りに残せる&託せることが


死は未だ と確信していた

At the second disease,

I admitted the vulnerability of this body.

Life is limited: I learned this “nature”.

I didn’t want the family to worry

and decided to soothe the shock as much as possible.

There was no regret, but I felt,

more I could leave and give to the people around.

I was convinced: my death wouldn’t come yet.


だから今 ひとを想う

ひとといることが 愉しい♫

So now, I think of others

and very happy to be with them♫



大変でも そこにある意味を


そして してほしくない

Even in hardship,

we needn’t give up the existing chances.

There’s still something you can do

until the last moment.