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LOVE: つながる愛

LIFE 日々想うこと

マインドフルネスの感覚を 体得したひとが

野菜を切る 1つ1つ丁寧に…

所作1つ1つ 見惚れるほど美しい

One who acquires a sense of mindfulness

cuts vegetables, one by one so graciously…

Each of his act is so beautiful that we can’t resist to observe.



野菜へ ひとへ つながって


Love is there.

To vegetables, to persons…

love is passed forwards, and to the dinner table.



我々は歓ぶ 唯ただ嬉しいっ♡

It spreads in this body

and we all are delighted, simply happy♡


触れるものへ 出逢うひとへ


To the things we touch, to the people we meet,

this love is carried on forwards.


 そうして 愛は広がっていく


伸びるほどに 薄れ 見失われることもあるが


愛をまた肥やし 注目の対象にさせる

Thus, love is stretched out,

to hopefully to the whole world!

More enlarged, it might get weak and unclear to see.

Still, your act at this moment strengthens

and casts a light again to it.




生命の始まりから 脈々と…

Love is continuously inherited down to you

since the beginning of all life…


だから 求めるのではなく

自分のうちに 愛を感じよ!

So, don’t seek outside

but FEEL the LOVE INSIDE of you!



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