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NATURE: 自然のちから

AROMA アロマと健康


I fully enjoyed the rural nature of Japan.




碧い空と静かな山々が 皆を観守る

There, greens in rice and vegetable fields,

and wildflowers along the footpaths welcomed me.

Little creatures gathered in and near a stream.

Blue sky and calm mountains are totally with them and me.


そこで存分に呼吸をし 踊る♫

自然のパワーを浴び… 充たされ… そして眠る

I breathed well and stepped into dance♫

With a shower of natural power… I was filled… and slept deep.



いやほんと 自然は激しい

「自然に癒される」と言うが 「自然に疲れる」も真実だ

わたし達は 自然で存分に戯れたあと

しっかり眠ることで 「生」のみなぎりを得る

Really, nature is vigorous.

It’s true that “nature heals us”, but also “tires us”.

After playing enough in nature, we usually sleep tight.

Then at awakening, we overflow with “vigour”.


だが ひとによっては違う


But, some people don’t.

Their “life” is rather taken by nature.



自然はやさしく そして激しい

そこには それ相応の向き合いかたが求められる

田舎暮らしをせずとも そこにたくましく 実直にいる

自然をまるごと愉しむだけの 「智慧」 


Nature is affectionate and severe.

It demands us to face it right.

Even away from the country, we’d love to acquire

the “wisdom” to relish the whole of nature

by being tough and sincere in there♡


その「感性」こそ マインドフルネスの境地だ

The “sense” leads us to the state of mindfulness.