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LIFE 日々想うこと

美醜も 自分の組みかた次第

Beauty rises in your way of creating a scene.





“Media reports made intentionally

move the nation and are causing “peer pressure” among us.”

Some accuse the power of this phenomenon.

「鵜呑みにせず 自分で考えよ」

“Don’t just swallow it. Think it by yourself.”


よくわかる 言ってることには賛同すらする

Yeah, we can accept and even agree with these words.


だが どの情報が正しいかも

社会全体を俯瞰で観て どの選択がBESTかも

正直わからない きっと誰もわからない

Though, wait a minute.

Who can say which information is right

nor which way is the best in our society overall? Nobody.


いやそれでも考え 自分なりの答えは出す

Yet, we think on and make solutions to us individuals.


ただそれは 完璧じゃない

そうではないことぐらい 知っておきたい

Then, those are not perfect.

Such belief is dangerous.



だから… なぜ「自分で考えよ」と説く人びとは

それほどまでに 自信たっぷりに

ある1つの答えを掲げ 迫ってくるのか???

Here, we wonder with confusion

why the people who insist on the importance of “thinking”

threaten others so confidently with ONE idea…???


それも 十分「同調圧力」である

It’s also exactly “peer pressure”.

それが近年益々 ぎゅっと押してきて苦しい

In recent years, it’s getting more oppressive. Phew.




自分のとは全く違う どんな意見が どんなアートが来ても

そのまま聴けるようであろう と心から想う

When we say “think it by yourself”,

we’d love to stay happy with any opinion or any artwork

even which are totally different from ours.