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AROMA アロマと健康

庭に広がる ミントを摘む

そのまま お酒に揉んで入れてもいい

干して お茶にしていただくもいい

I picked peppermints spread in the garden.

You can simply rub them for cocktail

or make tea after drying them.


摘んだ瞬間 いや触れた瞬間から


作業をするたびに また香りが立つ

In an instant I picked them, no, before that,

at the moment I touched them,

I was held by the refreshing scent,

which came back again and again in all the process.



購入したものでは こうはならない まず鮮度が違う

(*うちのは 無農薬どころか 自然もの♫)

Even BIO or organic* products in store

don’t make this much. They are not so fresh.

(* Our peppermints grow next to us, naturally♫)


自分の手で その命をいただく

強くやさしい香りとともに 自然と


特に お湯を注いだ瞬間の香りは 全感覚を持って行く

抽出の待ち時間に 少し場を離れても

その香りが全身を包み続ける ものすごい安らぎ

With my own hands, I received the lives.

Gratitude and grace expanded in me automatically

within the clear and pleasing scent.

Especially, when I poured hot water on them,

my whole senses were drawn to great serenity and fulfillment.

Even away from the spot for a while

in the tea straining time, the scent stayed around me.


全課程で 深い瞑想へと誘われる

In the whole process, I was deep in meditation.


飲む前から 「ありがとう♡」で満たされている

そして訪れる 口あたりのまろやかさ

1つ1つの細胞に 行きわたっていく感覚

一口ひとくちを味わおうとせずとも 味わうようになる

舌に残るだけでなく 胃に広がる清涼感

腸が刺激され アタマが蠢く

足裏に力がみなぎり 大地とつながり出す

しっかりと だが力みなく…

Before drinking, I already appreciated it.

Then I learnt its mildness at every single sip.

I didn’t need to make effort to taste it.

Still, not only on the tongue, but also in the stomach

the aroma spread, and even affected the intestines and head.

It finally went down to the soles and connected them

so tight to the earth but without tension.


自然を直接感じる その偉力と 

10口弱(コップ2cm位)で 十分足りる


I felt the nature directly, the miracle.

10 sips (about 2cm in a cup) were enough to me,

or even less.


身体の調整がされ 軽くなっていく 

これが 自然を味わうこと

My whole body was fixed and got lighter.

This is a wonder to taste nature.