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GOOD: 魂の自立

LIFE 日々想うこと

日本一の大楠 雄大で美しい老大樹


No.1 camphor tree in Japan:

how majestic and graceful the old tree is!!

It gave us the plants’ tremendously “good” blessings.


ベンツで 横断待ちの歩行者の前を 知らん顔で過ぎるひと

高級料理店で ウェイターに命令口調のひと

お洒落に身を包み 森に平氣で 煙草を捨てるひと …

Some drive Mercedes and ignore

a pedestrian who waits at the crossing;

Some speak to the waiter at a posh restaurant,

in an authoritative tone;

Some wear gorgeous and with no care,

throw a cigarette in the forest … etc.



Something is wrong.





“The Empowerment of Our Souls”

which Sokrates explained

is accomplished by doing our good.


善性とは 勇氣であり 寛容さであり 

正直さであり 賢さであり 明るさであり…

The good indicates one’s courage, generosity,

honesty, wisdom, brightness …


顔立ちや体格 豊かさ 身なり 地位ではない

NOT the face, built, wealth, looks nor status.