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MEAN: 答えは中道に

LIFE 日々想うこと

氣に入らない… だけど あきらめない



I couldn’t be satisfied with all… nor quit working.

Any trial was of value

to me, in pursuit of my vision.    


子どもになめられないように 厳しくする

やさしく接すれば なめられる… うんっ!? その間は?

Not to be shrugged off by children, one puts on a strict manner.

Acting kind, one feels like being made light by children.

What!? Aren’t there any other ways in between?


子ども達と一緒に笑う そんなゆるい仲であっても



おとな側に 1本「これ以上は譲れない」筋が通っていれば

子どもは それにちゃんと氣づいて動く

おとなの意図を汲み 尊敬を持って そこは従う

Even in a cheerful atmosphere in which one can laugh with children,

they still behave well in perception

that there is a clear line they must not go beyond

like “one allows them to “make witty jokes”

but NOT to “hurt others intentionally”.

They grasp the adult’s wishes and with regard, grant those.



以前の厳しい指導は 子どもを虐げることもあった


子どもはもう 無理な「努力」をしなくてよくなった

Old rigorous training might have oppressed children.

Instead of such disciplining “will power”,

the present children no more make “efforts” just wasteful.


が すべての「努力」が不必要なわけじゃない

But, all “efforts” are not in vain.



同じく おとなの主観たっぷりの



Similarly, it’s strange unfairly “rating people”

based on an adult’s subjective.

But, all “competitions” are not valueless.


それより 良いライバル関係は 

お互いを磨き 好影響を及ぼし合う

そこに「努力」は 認められる

Rather, good rivalry

cultivates both talents and improves the relation.

There, some “efforts” are admitted.



人材豊かな 強いチームに入れば

当然 ポジション争いもある

望みを叶えたいなら ひと一倍の「努力」は求められる

A strong team with talent has

battles for each position, as a matter of course.

To gain it, one needs more “effort” than the others.  



そうでなくても たとえば失敗したとき


「どうしたらいいか」想いめぐらし 再挑戦する

その「努力」は ひとを大きく成長させる

Even not in such a situation,

when you fail, don’t give up any soon.

But, think over “what approach can be possible, instead”

and give it a shot. This “effort” grows you high.



それは指導する側(大人)とて 同じこと

This is also said to coaches (adults)

あれがだめだから その真逆へ走る… それでいいの?

答えは その間にあるんじゃないかな?

だから曖昧で 難しいことだけど… 

努力する価値は絶対あるよ!! おとなもがんばろう!!

Is it OK to go extremes…?

Aren’t your means located in between?

So, it seems so uncertain and difficult to select

which is good for you.

Yet for sure, it’s worth effort!!   


Good luck, adults!!