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AROMA: 香りの使いかた

AROMA アロマと健康

アロマ*を もっと手軽に日常に♫

Have AROMA* more lightly, in your life♫



スポーツ後のマッサージに 取り入れてもいいが


精油の濃度など 調合に注意が要る

Surely, you can infuse it into your beauty purposes like lotion,

and into the massage after sports.

Though for your skin, blend essential oils carefully,

esp. in proportion.  


結局 芳香浴に数滴たらすだけ… では もったいない

After minding the trouble, some use AROMA

only dropping a few in a diffusor or bath… only these!?



同じように数滴落とすだけで 他でも役立つ:

In such a simple way, you can enjoy AROMA more:




It’s good for candle meditation 

to drip oil in the melted wax.


それから 生ごみの消臭・虫除けやシンク掃除にも

Also, it’s useful as deodorant and insect repellent

for kitchen waste & sink cleaning.


おすすめは ティッシュに垂らして


それを掃除機に吸わせて 香りを部屋に広げてみたり…

家事が ものすごくはかどる♫ 笑っ

Besides, we recommend you an AROMA tissue:

Place it in the closet and drawers as moth repellent;

Vacuum it and clean up the house.

You get on with work in the widespread scent;


枕の下に置けば よく眠れる

Put it under the pillow. You sleep well.          


それをバッグに忍ばせたら 外出先でも楽しめる

女性なら ブラの胸の谷間に入れて 

サッと香りが立ち上がるとき 氣分があがる

You can refresh yourself outside too,

by taking it with you, e.g. in the bag or… the gap of bra for women.

Occasionally the fragrance comes up to the nose,

and uplifts your spirit. 



色んなところに 香りを♡

Set AROMA anywhere♡ near you.




*精油(アロマ)の香りは 自然でやさしいもの

それでも 香害にはならないように

*Essential oils (AROMA) smell gentle as nature oriented.

Still, mind the excess of use.