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LIFE 日々想うこと


靄が晴れた瞬間 唯そこにあった空と海

<UK: Seven Sisters>

The moment the mist cleared away,

the sky and sea were simply there in front of me.


英語で話す 英語で考える


日本語より ずっと論理的にアタマが動く


Speak English. Think in English.

It doesn’t matter “your ability”.

Way more logically the head works with English,

than Japanese. It gets really clear.



アドバイスは 「Think Simple」だ

Our advice to a person struggling with English

is just… “Think Simple”.


構文なら SVO/ SVCの3文字になるまで削る

自分の言いたいことを 明確していく

1文が短いから 当然 文の数は増えるし

どの順番で言うと伝わりやすいか 検討も必要になる

SVO/ SVC patterns help you

to drop what you want to say into the 3 words.

Then naturally, the number of those short sentences rises

and the expressing order is carefully considered.



To learn and present yourself,

this is effective.


案外 想っていることの「核」はシンプルだ

英語を扱うことで 何を捨て何を残すか 観えてくる

エッセンシャル思考が 鍛えられていく

The “core” of your thoughts is actually very simple.

Using English, you can grab what to leave, and let go.

Essential thinking is thus obtained.



替わり 日本語の良さもある

繊細な感覚表現 想像的思考 余白… etc.

両刀遣いが ひとの幅を広げる

Similarly, Japanese has its advantages

for subtle sensuous expressions,

imaginary thinking, and margin building (ambiguity).

Bilingualism enhances your potentials.