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JOY: 遊びたい氣持ち

LIFE 日々想うこと

川で泳ぐ 空を見上げ

緑に包まれていることに ただ浸る

氣持ち良くて 「帰ろっか?」の誘いに


I fell in love with the green and blue

over the river I was swimming.

So joyous, I became honest to the question

“shall we go?”– “I wanna play more”. 




Have you said “I wanna play more”

since you grew up?



純粋に 遊びを続けるために…

It’s not for escaping from ordinary life

but simply for keeping the joy…


そうして遊び続ける そんな時間をたくさん持とう♡

And, let’s play continuously. The time is precious♡